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Cankerworm stop
We live in Fort Mill, SC, a suburb of Charlotte, NC. I took this photo yesterday. I know this is not the way they were designed to work against canker worm, but they are!


Check out how easy it is to install the BugBarrier Tree Band®

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Fall banding season is right around the corner for many areas of the United States. Certain neighborhoods in Chalotte North Carolina will be trapping Fall Cankerworm while parts of New England like Cape Elizabeth Maine will be looking to trap Winter Moth. Whether you are trying to stop fall cankerworm, spring cankerworm, winter moth, gypsy moth, spotted lanternfly, forest tent caterpillar or other insects wanting to damage your trees you now have a new weapon in your arsenol.

The BugBarrier Tree Band® is uniquely designed to prevent climbing insects from reaching the canopy of the tree without the use of chemical pesticides. It uses an agressive adhesive to trap the insects stopping their trip to the top.


The BugBarrier Tree Band is designed to be attractive when installed.

The unique design of the BugBarrier Tree Band provides an unobtrusive method to trap insects that climb on the trunk of your trees. The unique inward-facing sticky adhesive does the trapping out of sight, leaving an attractive band throughout the season.

Removed BugBarrier Tree Band in Charlotte, NC trapped 9000 egg laden fall cankerworms

The Bug Barrier Tree Band is specially designed to stop insects from climbing your valuable trees in order to eat their leaves. You now have a tool to trap them that is clean, effective and easy to install and remove.

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